Best friends don’t always make the best travel companions. At home, it might sound like a good idea to spend two weeks road tripping with your bestie around the West Coast or exploring Europe by rail. But on vacation, you learn a lot about a person. For example, it can be awfully frustrating to find your best pal snoring when you’re ready to be out there exploring, and just imagine how they feel when you tell them you want to jump out of a plane and all they want to do is jump into the hotel pool. In fact, nearly half (50%) of millennial travelers have had a bad travel companion. Almost 40% of other travelers have, too and 48% say that personality differences have ruined a trip. The way each of us travels isn’t wrong of course, but knowing up front whether or not you’re travel compatible can save a lot of heartache. Based on survey data, we created the following quiz to help you find your vacation soulmate.

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Ever wonder just how bad it can get between friends, couples and even siblings who discover too late they’re not travel compatible? As part of our survey, we asked participants to describe just what it was they didn’t like about their traveling companion. Being loud, rude or annoying were the most problematic traits; not sharing the same interests was another top challenge. Below is a list of common themes we found among respondents including actual quotes. Got a complaint you’d like to file about a former travel buddy? Share in the comments below!

  • Loud sleeper: “The person kept snoring and they were boring and made the trip horrible.”
  • Different interests: “The partner was just focused on finding Wi-Fi and Starbucks rather than getting out and exploring the destination.”
  • Bad at driving: “They refused to look at the road while they drove, talked the entire time, and did not follow directions.”
  • Anti-social: “She was super shy and timid, afraid to do anything, and it made the trip bad for both of us because she did not want to do anything.”
  • Complainer: “They complained about everything even when nothing went wrong.
  • Timeliness: “Late for the flight. Didn’t even have money for the vacation and expected me to pay.”
Jason Heidemann, Travelocity Staff Writer

Jason Heidemann, Travelocity Staff Writer

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